Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Visit From the Muse

Lately, I wish there were more time and space available to me to write. I need a quiet environment, free of distractions. Inspiration. A song in my heart. All of these options were available to me the last couple of days with state-mandated testing. Oh, I know, I should be walking up and down rows throughout the testing...but I didn't. I should be staring at students as they work...but I wasn't. So sue me.

Instead, I found myself writing a poem today, the first one in a long, long time. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good. It sings to me. When I finished it, I teared up; it was a moment of catharsis.

Here it is: any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated, however technical or non-technical you want to get. Or just read it and enjoy the poem. Or not. 

But here it is.

Look Homeward, Angel
A Lullaby for My Mother
a hapless midge ferried by eddys
of names, dates, and places,
my mother floats through today,
 a day similar to yesterdays
when someone who looks like me
and speaks my words brought gifts
to ebb the rising tides of fluids
building in her body, a swollen river
dammed by Ace wraps and Depends
doldrums compounded by weak winds.

this meandering river bears my mother
towards the sea of memory where
refrigerators await with open doors
and maws of stoves call for pizza
and rangetops illuminate the horizon,
her path home.


  1. I can tell that every thought you have is about your Mother and your relationship with her throughout your own life. Your poem is beautiful and your feelings pour from it. I can sense good, bad, frustration, laughter from comedy and peace all intertwined with this confusing time. Your sweet mind is spinning and there are many that wish they could do more than pray for the situation to be different, easier and make some sense.
    You are an awesome woman and i am proud to have you as a friend. I know your Mother made you that way and I love her as well.
    Peace, Love, Hugs and Positive Energy sent your way.

    1. Thank you, thank you and thank you, Joe.